Matters Mechanical have greatly assisted Hyspex Limited on several projects where attention to detail and the ability to think on the spot have been critical.  Matters Mechanical have a truly professional work ethic and were able to carry out the many tasks needed during the design stage to the highest of standards.  Most recently Matters Mechanical helped to design a five concentric core cryogenic fluid transfer line. This included detailed modelling and drafting of hundreds of components/assemblies for various welded sections and interfaces, along with many features for adjustment, expansion/contraction, size change and joints to carry fluid and vacuum.  All drawings were diligently prepared for manufacture and fabrication, along with a full list of parts, files and bill of materials for ordering purposes.  Matters Mechanical were also able to carry out detailed Finite Element Analysis on many parts used in the line.  This include thermal analysis and stress analysis which led to material selection and constraints.

James Graves-Morris. Founding Director


Just wanted to say many thanks for the excellent work you carried out for SC Gp recently. We really appreciate
your flexible and responsive approach to work patterns and your total focus on getting the job done. We won’t
hesitate in asking you back!’
Ian Duncan | Engineering Support Manager

SC Group

‘Matters Mechanical greatly assisted us with a backlog of CAD; giving several projects the required attention to keep them on schedule.
Matthew’s understanding of mechanical issues, ways of overcoming them, portraying solutions, and the ability to apply both hand calculations and FEA pragmatically, have supported us greatly.’ P.Hyde, Director